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Blog | New Activities On Offer In District!
By Daniel Barry

*Updated 21MAY2024

We are proud to announce the availability of air rifle target shooting and airsoft target shooting to groups in the North Angus district! 

Air rifle target shooting will primarily be based at the Jock Neish Scouting Centre in Tannadice, however we do have a mobile outdoor range available that can be set up at camps etc, depending on layout of the site from a safety perspective, and landowner permission. This adventurous activity not only requires great skill, discipline and body awareness to achieve accurate shots on target, it's great fun and competitive too! Your range officer running the session will have an NSRA YPS Tutor scheme qualification, and can deliver instruction on techniques to improve the accuracy and precision of your shooting. Due to the strength required to hold and operate the rifles, we do not recommend this activity for children of Beaver age and below. 

Airsoft target shooting is less heavily regulated, so can be ran at your meeting place, event or camp. Airsoft guns fire small plastic pellets, are designed to be used in a competitive sport (similar to paintball), and as such are safe for use by all ages. Despite this, they are replicas of real firearms, and operate in a similar manner - therefore range safety rules are still enforced, and an indoor venue or outdoors away from the general public is requested to avoid any undue alarm. Additionally, participants can be shown how the replicas work, and how to maintain the replicas. This activity is a great opportunity to learn about a lesser-known sport, learn about the safety rules and how a shooting range is operated, and is an excellent experience!

Both activities count towards the Physical Recreation (Cubs), Master at Arms (Scouts), and Physical Recreation - Master at Arms (Explorers) badge requirements, and are exciting activities to incorporate into your programme!

The activities cost £75 per session for air rifles, £45 per session for airsoft, and include a qualified instructor, rifles, pellets, and all other required equipment to set up the range. Note that for sessions hosted at the Jock Neish Centre, an additional £20 per session is charged for use of their purpose built shooting range and access to their facilities. 

Bookings can be made by filling in the form HERE, or contact Daniel Barry with any questions at A minimum notice period of 21 days to the session date at time of booking is required in order to make the necessary arrangements. 



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